Oddments Journal is a gathering place for curious minds. 

We’re a new, just-about-to-launch digital publication that aims to create an online space dedicated to curating thoughtful content. 

We don’t need you to have a degree or even a truck-load of experience—all we want is to feature and work with passionate contributors who have something interesting to say. 

Finally got around to reading a book that everyone else fell for months (or even years) ago? Feel like there’s no rooftop to shout your new found affections from? We’re that rooftop—we want to hear about it. 

Are you an artist, creator or PR wiz hoping for a feature showcasing your talents, a new group show, collection, or just your fantastic self? We want to hear from you. 

Wrote some prose or put down a thought about some little thing but don’t quite know where to put it? We’ve got just the place. 

We’re open to anything—any tangent, any fancy. Arts, design, culture and pop culture, social issues and opinion pieces, personal essays, fashion, wellness and beauty, culinary delights, travel, literary culture, creative writing—a bit of whatever, so long as it fits. 

If you’re a writing wunderkind with a way with words—great! We’ll publish you, complete with by-lines and full credit. But, if you're in need of a sounding board for a great idea that you're not quite sure of how best to shape, then we’re it for you, too. We want to help you hash it out. We’re open to being your launchpad, or your hands-on Editor—whatever you want, whatever you need. 

Drop us a line. Have a chat. We’d love to hear from you. 

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(Contributions are currently an unpaid. I do not make any earnings of my own from the site, and as such, I am not in a position to pay writers. I can offer my Editorship and friendly advice for free, and offer up and coming writers a considered platform and launchpad from which to start building up their portfolios.)