We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, Samantha Irby.

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, Samantha Irby.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that, at the very least, you’ve seen Samantha Irby’s ultra-recognisable hazard-yellow wrapped book, We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, around the place. It’s been everywhere, after all, being perused and enjoyed and heartily recommended by anyone and everyone, because, that is, it’s hilarious, thoughtful, blisteringly well written, and an absolute delight. 

Samantha Irby is, in case you didn’t already know, a blogger. Or, she’s a writer with a blog, and on that blog, she shares her witticisms for free. This book is not free (obviously), but it’s worth getting your hands on a copy, because like the writing featured on Irby’s blog (Bitches Gotta Eat (a good, old-fashioned blogger-blog)), the essays bursting from the pages of We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, are bold and honest and hysterical and powerful and emotional and revealing and more than absolutely worth your time. 

The thing about Irby’s writing is that it feels friendly as well as like escapism — Irby will make you laugh, out loud, but she will also make you feel seen. You can relate to her and the ridiculousness and the banality and the funny bits and the sad bits and the inevitable awkwardness of her life, because that’s everyone’s life. It’s just life. And it is Irby’s ability to capture that sense of the rawness of life in a way that’s anything but boring, which makes her words so illuminating and enjoyable to read.

Irby’s take is uniquely her own, and as well, it is a perspective in a genre of writing that doesn’t always flood the mainstream as it should. The simple fact is that the book is funny, as well as it is incredibly well written — in a way that’ll make you jealous you can’t write like that — and too, Irby’s voice a much-needed addition to the popular discourse. 

There is a very real reason why everyone is excited by this book, by Meaty, Irby’s other one, and by Irby just in general. She’s good. The book is good, great, even, and once you read it, you’ll understand why we’ll likely be seeing and reading and hearing a lot more from Samantha Irby.

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby is published by Faber and distributed in Australia by Allen & Unwin. 

It is available now, online and from bookstores.

Thanks to Allen & Unwin for the review copy.


We Are Never Meeting in Real Life  
by Samantha Irby  
Paperback, 288 pages  
R.R.P.: $22.99 (AUD)