Things You Might Need to Hear (From People You Don’t Know).

Things You Might Need to Hear (From People You Don’t Know).

Writing can, among a plethora of other marvellous things, create a sense of community. Reading the words of someone else who knows and makes you feel like they understand that weird thing you’ve been going through — or are trying to figure out, or haven’t quite come to terms with, yet — can be a kind of salve. 

Bermuda: Trees and Architecture, 1916 - 1917, Charles Demuth. Watercolour and graphite on wove paper. 10 x 14 in. Barnes Foundation. 

It’s a relief to know that it’s not just you. That other people are just as bewildered and confused, sometimes sad, or altogether unsure, as you are. Sometimes, we need to be reminded that we’re not alone or need to hear that one thing that pulls everything together, or wakes you up, or sets your mind at ease. And words can do that.

So, in case you’re in need — of a read, some relief, advice, or maybe even just a giggle — here’s some wonderful writing from around the web —

And lastly, apropos of nothing, this one, because Bianca Bosker is splendid and wine-shit is weird as all hell—