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Australian artist Caitlin Rigby demands, gently, of your attention.

Rigby’s free formed works are at once soothingly subtle, but at the same time, intriguingly multifaceted. The longer you spend with them, the more they reveal of themselves, of the artist, and of you, the viewer.

Image: Courtesy of Caitlin Rigby, All Rights Reserved. via @caitlin_rigby / instagram.

It’s an astonishing feat for an artist so young to not only have built up such a substantive, surely styled body of work; but as well, to be creating pieces that have quite so much to say.

A large part of Rigby’s core focus over her career thus far has been explorations of portraiture — explorations, that is, because, for the most part, the beings in Rigby’s paintings have predominantly remained faceless.

Image: Courtesy of Caitlin Rigby, All Rights Reserved. via @caitlin_rigby / instagram.

Rigby’s modern expressionist creations are intimate and emotional, defined by fluent line work and flowing forms. But her confident and unique signature style also allows her the freedom to boldly explore new arrangements, subjects, and even approaches to painting.

Rigby, who is currently on exchange in New York City, has always been drawn to organic, earthy palettes — but lately, her work has been dipping into jewel-tones and even metallics. The carefully detailed characters that feature so prominently in Rigby’s works have recently been erring more and more towards abstraction; and loose lines, still free-flowing but definitely more abstract expressionistic than just the latter, have been making ever more frequent appearances. There have even been some explorative forays into mixed media work, like paintings on found items, wood, and ceramics.

Image: Courtesy of Caitlin Rigby, All Rights Reserved. via @caitlin_rigby / instagram.

What can be said for certain about Caitlin Rigby is that her artistic evolution is a fascinating one, and one worth paying close attention to. She epitomises everything that is exciting about new art, and especially the young and emerging artists of Australia.

To see more of Caitlin Rigby’s work, you can visit her website. You can also follow her on Instagram.

Words | Erin Stobie. 

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