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Who’s to say why it is we like what we like?

Someone could probably come along and offer a complicated, jargon-y reason as to why; what with science and brain chemistry and incidents of exposure and, oh, I don’t know—that thing that happened that one time when you were a child that you don’t exactly remember but which had a long-lasting and apparently significant impact on the formation of your being. But that’s boring. It’s much more fun just to be surprised by lovely things and to decide you rather like them, isn’t it?

Image: Cecilia Farley, All Rights Reserved. via @cecilia.farley / instagram.

Enter Australian artist Cecilia Farley. I discovered Farley's charming work just recently—with many thanks to the always brilliant Off the Kerb Gallery in Collingwood, Melbourne—and I guarantee that all it will take is one quick peek, and you'll soon find yourself just as taken with their bright sweetness as I was.

Image: Cecilia Farley, All Rights Reserved. via @cecilia.farley / instagram.
Art doesn’t have to be capital-A complicated. It doesn’t have to be created that way, and it doesn’t need to be considered that way. You can just love something because it feels happy, vibrant, and like it’s brimming with goodness—because that’s how Cecilia Farley’s art feels. It's happiness, personified. And that’s simple.

Follow Cecilia Farley and see more of her triumphantly joyful artworks here, and at her website.

Words | Erin Stobie

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