Melanie Channell’s Soothing Ceramics.

Melanie Channell’s Soothing Ceramics.

There’s something inherently soothing about pottery that looks and feels as though it's been passed straight from the hands of its maker into the grasp of its lucky new keeper.

Image: Melanie Channell, All Rights Reserved. via @melaniechannel / instagram.

Small batch ceramicist Melanie Channell is one such a maker of thoughtful hand-crafted wares, with her array of precious little pieces managing to at once look fresh out of the kiln with newness, while also retaining an heirloom-like sense of reverence.

Image: Melanie Channell, All Rights Reserved. via @melaniechannell / instagram.

Melbourne-based Channell’s ceramics have an earthy feel about them and proudly show up the telltale signs of their organic coming to being. Perfectly not-quite pristine as they are, the various pieces are coated with powdery sky blues, linen-like whites, ochery reds, and eucalypt greens.

Reddish scorch marks pop through the mottled veil of Channell’s choice Shino glaze, typical of the Japanese practice, giving her vases, pots, and over-sized mugs a soft, tactile appearance.

Melanie Channell’s enchanting works are carried by pépite online and in-store in Fitzroy.

You can follow Melanie and see more of her works on Instagram.

Words | Erin Stobie