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Amsterdam knows good design. Also, good art. Goodness generally, really. The city is a melting pot of adventurous creativity, the epitome of which is showcased beautifully by SOMÉE — a design studio and store founded by Gloria Landenberger and Anouk Wirtz. 

Ceramic Mask - Natural, Gloria Landenberger. Image via studiosomee.com

Landenberger and Wirtz are designers themselves who, after a serendipitous meeting in Sweden, discovered that they shared not only interests but common tastes. After crossing paths again in Amsterdam in 2017, the pair decided to unite to create SOMÉE.

The studio stocks a mindfully curated range of artfully designed wares — interior objects and ceramics, art prints, and works with petrified wood — a selection that is, by admission, fairly eclectic. The ethos of SOMÉE is simple, though — the studio celebrates carefully designed and manufactured pieces that are crafted with care and speak to Landenberger and Wirtz’s want to foster the power of creative exchange and meaningful collaboration.

Ceramic Mask - Natural, Gloria Landenberger. Image via studiosomee.com

Landenberger herself is the maker behind one of the studio’s most intriguing products — a small capsule series of ceramic masks.

Made from stoneware and finished with different glazes, each limited-edition mask is assembled by hand. The three versions available from SOMÉE currently all feature the same face, making the same cheeky expression, but are glazed respectively with a clear glaze that highlights the ivory white tone of the clay (natural), electric blue (matte blue), and a deep charcoal colour (matte black).

Ceramic Mask - Matte Black, Gloria Landenberger. Image via @studiosomee / instagram

You can learn more about SOMÉE and explore their other objects here and on their online store and website.

(SOMÉE ships internationally.)

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